Keep Your Carpets Clean

July 29th, 2015 by

Most houses these days have carpets in at least one room in the house. Carpets may be of different types but the basics of taking care remain the same. For home owners, it is in their best interest to properly take care of the carpet in the home. This will not only assure the beauty of the home but will also help the carpet last longer.

Those who intend to keep their carpets looking as good as the day it was bought will spend time taking care of the carpet. While sometimes this may seem time consuming, it is better than to leave the carpet to become an eyesore in no time. In this article, we give some tips for carpet maintenance. This is especially important for commercial carpet cleaning. You can visit this great site to see more of best commercial carpet cleaning service.

Vacuuming is probably the most obvious maintenance strategy that will be done on a carpet. It is advisable that vacuuming be done at least once a week. If the area to be vacuumed is wide, it should be done on sections. Focus should be on the places where the feet rest. Make sure to go over the carpet at least twice. This will help ensure that more dirt is picked up. Where possible, baking soda should be put in the vacuuming bag to prevent odor. Add soil retardant on new carpets or those that have just been cleaned.

Taking care of spots and spills
When it comes to spots and spills, the best advice is to take care of them immediately if you catch them. If you can catch them while fresh, you stand a better chance of removing them. Again, when spills occur, do not be in a haste to take them out with soap. First of all try to remove the spilled liquid as much as you can. After which you will use an appropriate detergent to rub it clean. When you clean the stain, clean from outside in so you don’t end up spreading the stain to other areas.

Treating specific stains
No matter how hard you try, someday your carpet will be soiled by some spill that needs special treatment to take out. Some stains that may occur on your carpet include;
• Candle wax; when candle wax falls on your carpet, place ice cubes over it. This will cause it to harden so it can easily be removed.
• For stains like blood and chocolate, remove any excess liquid, mix baking soda in water and blot the area. Allow to dry before vacuuming.
• Acid stains will have to be neutralised with baking soda and an ammonia solution used to remove. As usual, always allow the stained spot that has been treated to dry before vacuuming.